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Wednesday, 5-Sep-2007 03:53 Email | Share | | Bookmark
:: Open Day Institut BioSains UPM ::

beeeesss cupcakes
Fern cupcakes
Flower Cupcakes
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:: Open Day Institut Biosains 10 Years ::

Wah la wey ...I know we should post a new entry every Monday...but my graphic team got busy with her other project miss out the deadline ...
As for today ...i'm uploading our cupcakes design which is mainly base on Flora Theme, for the booth sale inside IBS UPM Open day on 5th April 2007 (wheww it a 5 months old of project ).

Here Goes Nothing ...

Presenting the Flora Cupcakes Motif...

Rafflesia Cupcakes Motif :: Who said that this Flower is really really Yummy actually

Heliconia Cupcakes Motif :: This is the 'Sepit Ketam' type ...ada ruper ker

Daisy Cupcakes motif :: I guess ...

Orchid Cupcakes Motif :: well looks like soo ...

Fern Cupcakes Motif :: Simple yet tastyyy ..

General Flower Cupcakes Motif ::....can't think any other flower ...(actually can't draw good flower picture )

Last but not least...we add up some Beeeeee Cupcakes for the 'Pendebungaan'

All well when well ...there is not much visitor coming on that day...but we all are very happy with the event ...Hope that next time IBS UPM can do much especially on the Marketing and Promotion not much ppl noticed this event ... . Those who did'not know about this actually very good event ..where you can get especially all the Herbs plant with good quality and care ....

Onepiecebakery ...
A million thanks to the supporter on this FP and our Clients!!...

Interested with our Cupcakes Product

Call us for your Event or any Special days : 0133887271

Email : onepiecebakery[at]

Monday, 27-Aug-2007 13:28 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Casa Impian Cupcakes~!!!

assalamualaikum n slamat sejahtera to all..
huu...maaf atas kelewatan post kami kali ni..fotopages ada gangguan sket asek tale nk create new entry je..nampaknyer knelah buat website senri cepat2

ok..kali ni entry ttg casa impian cupcake of our active clients, Kak Yati tiba2 msg us kata nak promot cupcakes dlm tv...coz her house has been selected for casa impian house makeover ...

N here's our surprise for her...hihihi

Tadaa~~her own Casa Impian cupcakes!

U can see the fine detail of TV3 logo cupcakes

Terima Kasih untuk Kak Yati, Abg ND n famili kerana mempercayai kami ..tima kaseh jugak kpd semua customer2 and viewer kami~!!

Fazla,bila nk upload gmbar kapkek casa impian tu.....Kwn2 nk tgk.....
Jgn lupa tau,show kuar 1st week of posa.Kompom masuk TV.Melonjak2 kegirangan mereka selepas itu krena dpt mkn kapkek yg kiut.Ada yg amik tapi xmoh mkn sbb kiut sgt....!!ha...ha....ha...
Sun 26-Aug-2007 06:18
Posted by:k.Yatty KD

Donut Trump:
Kak is your requested picture ..weeehooo thanks a Lot!!...I can't wait to see your new Kitchen Make Over by this CASA IMPIAN Team ... If only I cant get the host ...ehh I mean the Kitchen

Sunday, 19-Aug-2007 13:37 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Dora the Explorer~!!

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assalamualaikum n slamat sejahteraaa to all
ihi...OPB(One Piece Bakery) selalu terima tempahan cupcake utk kanak2...n kali ni giliran Dora pula.

Happy Birthday to Arissa!!

Sayalah Dora The Explorer!

N utk Nenas nyum nyum!

Ini pula kwn saya Boots!

P utk Pokok...

Marilah bersama kami dlm pengembaraan yang menyeronokkkan~!

Miliki Dora Cupcakes dgn hanya rm50~!!(excluding delivery)

thanks a bunch!~

Wednesday, 15-Aug-2007 13:15 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Flower.Ribbon.Butterfly -on Cupcakes~!!

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hola!entry kali ni tentang garden and ribbon cupcakes~

a) saya suka ribbon2! - haa..kami ada cupcakes ribbon ..suitable utk semua occasion.hihi

Ribbon Surprise

Tie Your Heart

b) erm...saya suka ribbon tp suka bunga-bunga jugak - oh,kami ada jugak campuran bunga n ribbon~

Sweet Memory

c) saya pula suka ribbon,bunga2 n rama2 - okeh,flowery garden with butterfly n ribbon for you~!^^


d) saya hanya suka bunga2 sahaja -ok, coming right up!

Sacred Garden

e) kalau nak bunga n rama2 shj? - boleh jugaa~!!

Happily Ever After

Dark Garden

~ALL SET FOR ONLY RM40 EACH~ (excluding delivery)

Here in One Piece Bakery,Customer Satisfaction is our main priority. Segala komen membina akan kami ambil kira .Thank you for always stay with us!
XOXO [b]

Tuesday, 7-Aug-2007 19:03 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Mini Cooper Cupcakes~!

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holaa~!! entry kali ni about mini cooper cupcakes...customer request for her beloved husband...disbbkan husbandnyer minat mini cooper(n they owned 1)..maka terwujudlah cupcake ini

Bapaku pulang dari kota...

Bapaku belikan kereta...

Kereta kecil warna merah...

Boleh kubawa ke sekolah~!

( Ayoo...jem la pulak di sekola... )

-thank you semua n happy-happy selaluu~~!! -

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