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Wednesday, 26-Mar-2008 18:24 Email | Share | | Bookmark
::GIRL POWER::cupcakes rules by girl ::

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Salam sejahtera...Finally I managed to update again this Sweet little Cupcake page.
Thanks to all the Mum's and Ladies out there...(yup! that how this post got it name anyway ).

Come let shortcut it... I heard a lot of screaming and not to mention "kenen berbisa" on updating matter of this pages...but we really really overwhelmed by the March orders (due to the school weekend there is a lot of kenduri works ) . I will catch up with you guys on some interesting works we have done on OnePieceBakery Wedding cupcakes and wedding cakes product. Plus ...we make a cupcakes tiers project too...

But for now ..let the GIRLS SERIES CUPCAKE rules first ...

First and foremost ...grand opening .. started by this 3 adorable hits cartoon ...


Hello ..From left is Bubbles ...Blossom and Buttercup (my favorite character )

Opss...Move ..Move ...Alert ..Our Security sensor pickup something moving on the 3rd Floor ...Who are these 3 teenage girls .....Oh NO !


A little note ....
If you wondering about the cakes flavour (dark black color), it actually a chocolate mud cupcakes, ordered by one of the clients. It seems chocolate mud cupcakes can't get along with the royal icing and buttercream deco on top of it (unless you make a swirl design then it shud be no problem). Due to the moist contain inside chocolate mud topper itself. Some of the deco start to smear, we have to double the deco picture to repair it

Okesss for the slow rocks ...
Come in the heavily requested and questioned cupcakes by us ...

Note: we can make it in L16 (large 16pcs) and M25 size only. There will be 4 character of barbie and the rest will be the accessories design (similar to the shopaholic theme cupcakes -hey barbies does shopping alot you know ).

We do also done the Barbie cake (the one that wears long skirt), but I can't managed to find the picture...bad management ... . Will show it here once I have retrieved it from my dust hard drive

Here the barbie cupcake set ...

Here is the character ...

Another ...

and another ...

and another ....

Some deco for the barbie cupcake...

*note: that this barbie picture may varied as the time of this post we already done 2 version of the barbie faces ...just I can't find the latest one ...but this cupcakes design are still valid for the purposed of (what u can expect on) our barbie theme cupcake.
Now now...don't fell asleep is our Cinderella for tonight ...

Presenting the ...

12 O'clock midnight ..Ding Dong ...Ding Dong...

The Magic Wand ....chachingggg...

The Crown your highness...

The Dresss to today party ...

I guess I do not want it at all...i'm fine with this pretty blue dress...

Note: Currently for the figurine we have Cinderella,Snow White and the Little Mermaid. All figurine are subject to availability. and it not edible figurine

Whew...that much ...
As usual ...interested on these cupcake?
Please do so call us at 013-3887271 Talk to Mrs hajar or Mr Fazla...
or directly email us at :
onepiecebakery [at]

For those who SMSing us ..we apologize if you didn't received any reply not that we don't want to reply...but the explanation sometimes can't fit on one sms (yup question will connect to another on so on ) . In most cases we will ring you up using our office phone no don't be suprised ek..)

Oh another thing ...we are based in Seremban ..and we does do delivery to KL area. Others area please call for more information TQQQQ
All design credit goes to Mrs Hajariyah I'm just the tukang report

I rest my report for today ...
with cute cupcake comes with big hope of joy ...enjoyed

Tuesday, 29-Jan-2008 20:13 Email | Share | | Bookmark
::Chinese New Year Celebration Pack ::

Ni How Ma?....
Chinese New Year Cupcake Attack...
Yup! this time around we present you guys our "OnePieceBakery Chinese New Year cupcake Pack"

We have make an exclusive Cupcakes Gift set to be treat as CNY gift to your client, friends or family. Feel free to download the catalog, and contact us once you have decided to make an order. Order are open untill 4th February 2008 (if you want it before CNY break). We highly appreciate for an early order as this give us time to prepare the packaging especially.

Any question regarding this promo you can simply contact us at 013-3887271 (Fazla/Hajar) or simply email us at onepieceakery[at] (change the [at] to @ ).

*Note: Image have been taken out. As we do not store the image anymore.
All update on the biskut raya @ cookies can be seen in our newly home.

Some updated
This last 2 weeks I have noticed an increasing of order request and also quotation request. Those who have send and email to us and still not received any reply, we are deeply sorry for this inconvenience. We here in OnePieceBakery will go at our 'high speed mixture' to reply A.S.A.P all of the request. Please bare with us and your patient is higly appreciate.

OnePieceBakery are having some upgrading works (yeah another upgrading brapa lama mau habis daaa) and also this week we have been struck with a few opportunity knocking on our door ...I just hope we can achieve something with chances giving and off course try to reward it back to you our supporter,viewer,client and customer

Until then I and OnePieceBakery Team wishing you all a Gong Xi Fatt Cai and Awal Muharram (Happy New Year) ...may we all being bless with good deeds and fortune this time around. Amin.


Monday, 14-Jan-2008 04:43 Email | Share | | Bookmark
::Don't Tickle Me Elmo Cupcakes::

Hi i'm elmo cupcake
elmo cupcake full set cake
elmo cupcake tickle me hahaha
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Hello ...Do you know how to get to the Sesame Street? ...

Gotcha! ...
Yep yep yep ...alhamdulillah today I manage to update it on Monday (try to get back with the routine) . Yes, the website still not ready for launch and we already crammed for viewer asking for our price,brochure, and all the details. I try to push myself to complete it. Will put back the date here.

To crave the smile on your face this MOnday Blues, let us tickle you a bit...eheh I think let you guys Tickle this little Elmo instead ....

Here we go ..
HappY Birthday Dinie ...was ordered from one of our new Seremban customer Pn Azian referred by Pn Salina ..thank you so much

See the close up sket.cupcake ....hi Me Elmo ...


Ni bonus ..I suddenly got this interesting idea to design the 3D shape of,I want to try complete all the Sesame Street Character with this 'Flip Cupcakes' method.
Anyone care to Order the Full set of FLIP Sesame Street Cupcake ...We would love if there is order to cover this Operation ... waaa like some mission...let call it "OPS FLIP CUPCAKE :Sesame Street"

This Flip Cupcakes idea actually came when I saw Pn Nina girl birthday cake she also one of the cake and cupcakes maker . I said to myself ..since me and wife love the cute size why not make it on the Cupcakes size

So you guys there is it for your 'Halwa Mata' this Monday week...Have fun and off course for ordering you can contact us

or call us at 013-3887271
again, appreciate you guys so leave name/nick when send Us SMS ..just a polite way that all

Fazla....some cupcake makers

Tuesday, 8-Jan-2008 05:15 Email | Share | | Bookmark
::Thomas the train and Friends Cupcakes ::

Thomas the trains Cupcakes and Friends
Thomas the trains friend Marvis
Thomas the train Cupcake himself
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Assalamualaikum Cakkk ..

First of foremost we would like to wish our dearest client,supportive viewer, the customer , family and friend :


It true I must say that Onepiecebakery has been quite passive and non-responsive after the last post. That does not meant we are not in business anymore. We do answered some of the email order and to them that haven't got our reply we do apologized but we will soon enough. I hope god give u some more patient, as we currently being busy working on our . We do hope with the new website image and system the process of sharing,ordering and query become more appropriate and easy for you guys.

Today post is to answer 3 most request from the viewer and friends . First is this Thomas and Trains Cupcakes. This post request by MIA cake House from Terengganu. She wanted to see in close the Thomas cupcake project we have made for our Dearest client Mrs Lynn (who happen to live in Terengganu also).

Without further ado here we go ....chuu chuuu chhuuu ...check out your ticket,,...this train will only pass by Terengganu ...

Thomas the Train and Friend Cupcakes .... L-16pcs

Hi I'm Marvis thomas friend...

Hi I'm the main character Thomas ..wanna have a ride?

And in case you happen to take a ride in the town,try me Berti the double decker bus

The Railway wording chuu chuuu

Oh is another Thomas the trains project we do for another client mummyezhanerfan , for her Birthday sons ERFAN the M-25pcs (Medium 25pcs) .. see the different?..Yes, we can't do much deco on the M and S size usually (space constraint) .

Above all we all glad that the cupcakes light up the birthday boy .

Ok ..ok ...last one (sory I mmg suka bebel panjang ).

Hajar unstable issue : No she not and I not waiting for another baby for the time being ..hehehe just a norm thing.

THE COLOR HALAL ask by Nur Jannah : It be great and helpful if you can show us (either by mail or put the link in the comment) regarding the Wilton Color non-halal issue. I'm sure everyone have to be convey if it true. I personally have not received any infomation regarding this matter. Wilton did mention they are KOSHER certified. Means there should be no animal origin inside their poroduct.

As far as I have info on about KOSHER, in airline if the passenger request for KOSHER food, the stewardess can't even open the food themselves. It has to be open by the passenger itself. Talking about 'ketelitian'.

However I also notice in some of the Forum and other country Halal Authority that have a doubt about KOSHER food status in their area. We personally did try Wilton color product before but have not using it anymore because the supply are not that wide available in the market and some other reason (more on the design thing).

OnePieceBakery are using chef master product for the food color, as far as the ingredient goes InsyaALLAH there is no non-halal ingredient appear in the label. Why am I saying base on Label, is because chef master color is an import product so obviously they are not going thru JAKIM process. I still knocking my supplier for the proof just to have further proof statement regarding this matter (yes we are also being serious about the Halal thing ...really really important as we make living doing this cake business).
I hope my explaination help you Ms Nur Jannah.

To others if you have any issue or info regarding what I have discuss here, I truly hope that you can share it with us and to all.

Order please call me at 013-3887271
or better still send an email at onepiecebakery[at]

If you thinking of send an SMS,please mention yr name/nick name just another polite way to request

Tuesday, 4-Dec-2007 18:24 Email | Share | | Bookmark
::Wedding Cupcake & Birthday Cupcakes::

Rose Vanilla Cupcakes
Rose Vanilla Cupcakes Closeup
Incredibles themes cupcakes L size
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As today (4th Dec 2007) is the birthday of our 2nd sons, we posted here 2 cupcakes design for the eyes entertainment (halwa Mata) and can be order too off course .

We have personally keep close this design, but I just can't resist the temptation to share it with you guys . We manage to make the vanilla flower,using royal icing technic (yes it edible except the stigma)

Presenting One Piece Bakery ReD RoSe White Vanilla Cupcakes ::

It one of the 'hantaran cupcake' product

It can also be one of the cupcake doorgift product too

::The Incredibles Birthday Cupcakes :: from one of our client, for 2 of her sons celebration birthday parties. She purposely request for the Incredible Jack Jack character. Plus the Spiderman off course.

Here is the Incredibles Theme Cupcakes for 16-L size. We can include the whole body of the Jack Jack.

See this cute little fella here .

Here is the Incredibles Themes Cupcakes for 36-S size. We can only draw the faces only,due to the limitation of the cupcakes size. That what we do for all our S size cupcake for character we will only draw the faces (depending on the cartoon also).

Incredibles it was...hope it not break anybody teeth

Interested to order our cupcakes
Fazla or Hajar await you .
Just email us at onepiecebakery[at]
or you can call us at 013-3887271
(If you intend to send us SMS, with all the respect do introduce yourself first. TQ )

Ahh I manage to update this week post hope Hajar will be happy for it ...she seems so unstable lately . -Fazla 1pm 4/12/07

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