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Tuesday, 3-Apr-2007 12:23 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Mystical Zabuza ....part 02

Happy Birthday Anom!! -CUPPIES 36pieces per box
Wee Weee color me LoccoRoco
Knock Knock Anom..
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Teribbly sorry for not updating this earlier ... got a lot of thing to be done for the upcoming MMU open days (as per top post tuh ) .

As I mentioned earlier the torture from Zabuza MMU to One Piece Bakery continued...

That night the S.M.S (calling kot) from Allia came..."abang ...Zabuza mintak ....LocoRoco" .....And I like ..."apo bondo binatang plak dah budak nih ternak ..." .. I search Zoo Negara database ..."LocoRoco are not exist"... Laa..if the thing is not exist than how in the world this guy got the name ... I told u guys this person is a ...weirdos (see his Tagg no 6 hehehehehe..) ..

Then "Aha!".. I went to Muzium Negeri Sembian for their Mystical Weeks, ...Jenglot, Pocong,...bla bla bla...but nope..the is no LocoRoco ... See how torture we are to fullfill the clients ...

So who's LocoRoco?'s not he or's THEM ...

this Cupcake (fall under our 'Cute Little Cuppies' package) are actually for Zabuza little sis ... the Huhu cats previously is actually to test our passionate in our works...(he even check the 3 stripes that Huhu cats have detail of U ). After we pass that level then he start this weirdos order

LocoRoco is actually is character on one of Sony PSP game ...(no wonder they are not in the Zoo Negara's list now days ... )

Alhamdulillah we manage to complete it in flying color ...thanks Zabuza thanks a Lot .. (today this type of cuppies have became one of the top order package..)

Pictures taken from Zabuza's blog (, see the comparison between the character and the cupcakes. Enjoy it.

Cuppie for greeting,Cuppies for Love ....
One Piece Bakery
013-3887271 Fazla/Hajar

Sunday, 1-Apr-2007 14:21 Email | Share | | Bookmark
::: To all Cuppies Lover :::

From the desk of One Piece Bakery

Dear cuppies lover and friends,
Tomorrow, 2nd April 2007 MMU (Multimedia University) will held a Career Fair week, which the student have to run their own biz on educational purposes. One Piece Bakery has been called to cooperated with STARTLER(SNACK ATTACK!!!); one of the Cyberprenuership Team to supply them with our cupcakes (like the one in UKM's and UPM's event, but this time the Startler will run the biz themselves.)

It's a chance for everyone to taste our product in small quantity.Usually, in any promo event,the design is always LIMITED . What can we say?...we won't stop our fotopage update for this whole week. But, in order to give chance for Startler to promote their biz, we will post up our latest entry below this entry.This post is totally on the MMU Career Fair.Our business will run as usual...

One Piece Bakery
Muhammad Fazlaidha

Donut Trump : Don't let us see u in the boardroom

End of weeks 6hb 2007
The Startler (the one with this SNACK ATTACK post) has close down their assignment biz. We have a great time in entertaining them with our cuppies. Hope we got another venturing for coming years . (or maybe anyone out there interested in selling our cuppies on their open days/event?...just mail to us back okies .. )


Friday, 30-Mar-2007 23:17 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Penderaan Zabuza @ Tekong part 01

Donut trump: the task of D' day ...copy this ...get reward!
Hey ya mr Donut ...will this do?
Lend me your hand for this one piece of cup cake
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First of foremost, to all muslim friends let 'sedekahkan' Al-fatihah and Selawat ke atas junjungan besar kita Nabi Muhammad S.A.W sempena hari kelahiran baginda 12 Rabiulawal.

Nothing more than a freshness of morning...after a long battle this 2 weeks. Friends i'm sorry if I didn't updated this fp from the last LAZY DAY post (looks like the laziness terbawak-bawak plak). While everyone might think that one piece team are like spending most of our time in somewhere resort,somewhere vacation ..or even somewhere mall (baking mall ). .. actually it vice versa ... (betul ke ejaan tuh? .)

It's a long battle and mental tochure (really ker hehehe)..."Oii Donut Trump ko nak cerita Apa sebenarnya nih?? " ....Aduss ...kena speaking bahaso kampung la nampak eh... After the LAzy Day days , my sister (currently studying in MMU) give us some bonus questions ...err "abang, aku ingat nak buat present la utk member aku nyer birthday"...em ya...whatever ..we kind like not responding well with her request in the first place ... but as time goes by, our team got haunted with her S.M.S ... One of her S.M.S sounds like this .."aku berharap sangat yg korang bleh buatkan cupcake utk kawan aku nih ..." then came another S.M.S "..."nnti boleh pomot bla bla bla" ...

Bukan takmo buat tapi pasal... depa nak order SINGLE order jer ...erkk camna ..end of story ...we discuss with her .." looks allia ... *dia pun tunduk sayu jer* it's not that we don't want to do but you must at least have min order that we said before" ... Sparkles in her eyes ... tears in our heart ...suddenly the S.M.S now sound different ...( the sms end up with more order to come ) bekerja keras dia nih hehehehe...

Guess what? WE ACCEPT THE REQUEST finally..this is where all started.....

Client :
Zabuza @ Tekong (agaknyer dapat nama pasal pernah jadi tekong sampan kat sempadan kot heheheh jgn mare ..photoblog aku nih )
check it out his review about the cupcake:

The Mission : Copycats (yes!..really copy this cat ..Huhu Cat..)

Status : Completed
nih mmg task sakit... bayangkan la bagi image kucing tak siap tuh ...ada ka image camtu (pasni geng geng jgn kasi camni plak ek..nih utl sesi novel je nih) . ..Ini walau bagaimanapun berjaya diselesaikan oleh one piece bakery Decorater team (aaa dia mmg takmo cari kerja tempat lain dah ) . So here's the result .....

Fuhh lega rasanya ....just when we start to rest our head brain ....*to be continued* (this is where the part he request some mistik thing ....). wait for next post petang nanti ..

Client : Kawan Adik bday
The Mission : Rabbit design for her belated birthday gift .

Status : Completed bersyarat
Note :
This thing just pop-up in my kitchen ... one piece decorater got some idea to improvise the idea we got from Wilton Year Book (not need to hide here where we got the idea ... get that yearbook friend a fulll blast idea ) . So that where this SINK WITH CANDY BUNNY got her first day born in our kitchen ,....

Weh kawan aku cakap manis sangat dia baru abih separuh jer ...len kali kena kurang manis

Mana taknyer bunny are made from royal icing dgn base royal icing tuh ...erkk..our mistake ... Taken from this incident we have improvise our cupcake ... the base are now in Buttercream ..yess...butterlover it's your day. Sorry for Allia's friend ... nanti bill dentist suh Allia bayar ekk ...

Job completed.

To All viewers,friends and clients, please don't misunderstood with this post, while the cerita is being tokok tambah , the mission are true. It's because our beloved sister haunted us with her S.M.S that we do single order (itupun restricted MMU ppl only). If you guys berminat with the design, it still can be order under our package (that is minimum 16pcs per pack) . Just email us one piece bakery for the quo. onepiecebakery[at] , or directly call us at 013-3887271 Fazla/Hajar.

...NEXT Zabuza the Return part 02...

Sunday, 18-Mar-2007 11:01 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Lazy day :- Decorated Muffin :)

blue lava..i like this design
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What else can we said. We just finishing a wedding order yesterday, a 3 days non stop works with 4 extra energetic team members. All end up with 'juling-juling' eyes ..hehehe. Sleepless like zombie . So i'm declaring the LAZY DAY in One Piece Bakery today , A big clap for the team members (sorry for the deaf ears you guys got for hearing repeated song in ERA FM for like 20 times plus for the whole 3days) . The wedding event wedding event take place in Dewan Felda.. it actually my ex-bos wedding. Anyway will update you guys later with the pic.

As for today i'm uploading some of our favorite general theme design, that were introduced last time in UKM promo days. It's actually decorated on top of muffin. Really sorry if the picture don't turn up that clear (this what you get when the camera are too canggih in the hand of less amateur person ).

Enjoy the pic...and don't forget to comment on the design as this will improve our spirit and works to satisfying you guys . Thanks for the support.

Friday, 9-Mar-2007 15:29 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Welcome to 3D Happy Land!!

halo..comel tak saye
saye lagi comel
kami pon comel!!
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Boring wit flat cuppies design ??
Looking for a great n unique cuppycakes?

Check out our new 3D HAPPY LAND cuppies!!
loaded wit x-tra cookies n toppers..just tell us ur own theme, flavor n budget..n let we make it specially for u

oh, lets sing 2gether 4 Adik Isna!!


interested wit 3D Happy Land?? Call 013-3887271 - Fazla or email us onepiecebakery[at]

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